Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The rental driver must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license Issued at least one year before the rental period. All rental drivers that are non citizens of the E.U. or do not have a European driver’s license are required to have an international driver’s license by the Greek justice system Also, an international driver’s license must accompany any driver’s license with letters that are neither Greek nor English. The maximum rental age is 65 years old.


Additional drivers are subject to the same age and license requirements as the rental driver. The extra charge for each additional driver is 3 euro. Usually, the extra driver is not charged and is offered free of charge upon discussion with the office.


The minimum rental period for online bookings is 3 days. In case you would like a shorter rental period please contact us at +30 2695061515, +30 6986839556, +30 6942463753 or by email at [email protected].


Upon collecting the vehicle, all rental drivers must present:
Α) A valid driver’s license.
Β)Passport or Identification card.
Γ) Booking number (if booked online).
The driver-renter will be given a rental agreement which he must read and sign. The rental agreement will mention all the services and insurance policies provided as well as extra services/insurance policies/facilities which the driver can request, keeping in mind the extra charges for each one. It is very important that the driver-renter check the vehicle for any damages before the rental period begins.


In case the driver-renter does not appear to collect the vehicle on the date and time that the rental period begins with no prior written or telephone discussion, Carettarentals will cancel the booking 1 hour after and has the right to not return the advance payment. Carettarentals reserves the right to charge the renter the cost for one day rental of a vehicle of the same category as the one mentioned in the booking.


The vehicle is delivered to the driver-renter in good overall condition and without evident flaws. Any complaints regarding the vehicle’s condition must be expressed to Carettarentals during collection of the vehicle. The driver-renter agrees to return it in the same condition and with all its accessories, at the same location, time and date that is mentioned in the agreement. If not, the driver-renter is obliged to compensate Carettarentals for this as well as pay the agreed booking cost. Carettarentals reserves the right to take the vehicle back at any time without refunding the driver-renter if the vehicle is used in violation of the rental agreement and the Greek traffic law.


The driver-renter is expected to take care of the vehicle and return it in the same condition it was when he collected it and use it prudently. Any repair made to the vehicle by the renter or any other person without permission is forbidden. It is forbidden to use the vehicle: a) to carry people or property for rent, b) to tow another vehicle or trailer, c) to take part in races, d) when the driver or other authorized drivers are under the influence of alcohol, medicine, drugs, etc, e) in violation of customs, traffic or other rules, f) by any third party other than the ones mentioned in the rental agreement and by any extra driver for reasons that are against the Greek law.


At the end of the agreed rental period, Carettarentals allows a 30minute period of grace to the renter in order to return the vehicle, after which he is charged with 15 euro for every hour he is late after the time mentioned on the rental agreement. The minimum charge for being late is 15 euro.


Payment is made upon vehicle delivery. Cash and all credit and debit cards are accepted. In case you would like to pay by credit or debit card, please inform Carettarentals in advance.


In case you wish to cancel or amend your booking, we would appreciate it if you informed us in advance. Please contact us by phone at our office numbers or email us at [email protected]. Advance payments are non refundable if the renter does not inform Carettarentals at least 7 days prior to the agreed date of vehicle delivery to the renter. In case of online booking cancellation less than 15 days from the agreed date of rental, Carettarentals reserves the right to ask for or withhold a cancellation fee of 10 euro per booking from the renter.


All driver-renters authorized by Carettarentals are covered by Third Party Insurance , Personal Accident Insurance (for the driver), Road-travel assistance and upon discussion, Fully Comprehensive Insurance with excess. The above coverage is subject to the general terms of the Carettarentals’ insurance company contract. It is included in the rental vehicle price and even covers death and third party (in the rental car) bodily harm except for the driver, up to 1,220,000 euro per victim, as well as third party material damage up to 1,200,000 euro per occurrence.


It is included in the rental vehicle price and covers the driver up to 15000 euro in case of death, total or partial incompetence in case of accident depending on the relevant terms mentioned in the insurance contract.


It is not included in the rental vehicle price. It can be included upon discussion-agreement and restricts the driver-renter’s responsibility for damages to the rental car in case of an accident up to the amount mentioned on the rental agreement. The amount of excess depends on the rental vehicle category and varies between 0€ and 1000€. Fully comprehensive insurance with excess covers the cost of repair in case of an accident(SCDW). This type of insurance is not valid for damage to the interior, the top and the bottom part of the vehicle, as well as windows, crystals, rims, glass tops, mirrors, antennas, personal items, tires and other accessories. We even provide full liability insurance (FDW) in which you reduce your liability amount to 0 & euro ;, paying a small amount in addition to the insurance provided. In this category there is an expense for the total damage of the vehicle.We even provide full liability insurance (FDW) in which you reduce your liability amount to 0 €, by paying a small amount in addition to the insurance provided. In this category there is an expense for the total damage of the vehicle. It is valid only if the Greek traffic law and rental agreement terms have not been violated. It is obligatory that an accident form must be completed and signed by the renter in case of damage whether it is his fault or not.


There is no insurance coverage in the following cases:
Α) If the vehicle driver is not authorized by Carettarentals and therefore is not included in the rental agreement.
Β) When the driver-renter causes an accident under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances.
Γ) When the vehicle is not returned on the date and time mentioned on the rental agreement.
Δ) If the vehicle has been driven on non asphalt roads while taking place in races or other illegal activities.
Ε) If the driver-renter has not taken all necessary security measures for safe parking and locking of vehicle.
Στ) In case of key loss or damage.
Ζ) In case of damage or theft of vehicle due to liability or negligence on behalf of the driver-renter. The driver-renter will be liable for costs up to the total commercial value of the vehicle during the rental period.
Η) In case of damage that was caused on purpose or due to negligence.
Θ) In case of damage that was caused due to use of wrong fuel.
Ι) In case of damage caused as a result of violation of the rental agreement terms and mostly in case of damage caused while the Carettarentals vehicle was in a ferry boat or out of Zakynthos without the written consent of the authorized representatives of the rental company.
Carettarentals does not offer refunds or replace the vehicle in case of an accident or theft that was caused due to the driver-renter’s fault.


The Carettarentals Company is not responsible for personal/valuable items that have been stolen/lost or damaged during the rental period or an accident.



In case of vehicle key loss or damage during the rental period, the renter is liable and obligated to pay the cost of key replacement or repair as well as all other charges included (programming, transfer costs, etc).


In case of an accident or any other incident, the driver-renter is obligated to follow the procedure indicated by the insurance as described below:
Α) Immediately contact the Carettarentals company.
Β) If able, take photos of the vehicles involved in the incident.
Γ) Write down names and addresses of all eye witnesses.
Δ) Do not acknowledge third party claims when the culpability is not clear.
Ε) Inform the traffic police in case of injury.


All fines and administrative sanctions that derive from the driver-renter’s culpability during the rental period are paid in total by the driver-renter. In the event that the driver-renter does not pay the fine that was imposed on him during the rental period, he will be charged with a service fee of 30 euro in addition to the cost of the fine which must be paid to Carettarentals.


The transport of rental vehicles by boat as well as use of our vehicles outside the island of Zakynthos without written company permission is strictly forbidden.


In case of an accident, according to article K70 of the Greek Traffic Law, the driver-renter is obligated to complete a form regarding the incident and pay a non refundable 50€ fee in order to cover the administrative costs whether the accident is his fault or not.


Delivery and collection are free in most parts of the island. Certain areas are charged differently due to the large distance. Delivery and collection charges between 22:00 and 08:00 are subject to a 20€ extra charge which is paid at time of delivery or collection.


The driver-renter is responsible for fuel consumption during the rental period. The previously mentioned must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel it had when the rental period began. If not, there will be a fuel charge as well as a replenishment fee of 10€.


Vehicle bookings are made according to the category and not the vehicle model. It is understood that Carettarentals will do it’s best to offer you the same vehicle you chose when you made your booking.


One seat (any category) is offered for free per rental vehicle. In case a second seat is needed, it is provided upon request and charged 4€ per day.


All prices include V.A.T. and local taxes.


The renter acknowledges that he acquires no rights other than those stated in the rental agreement. All additional authorized drivers are jointly and severally liable with the driver-renter under the rental agreement. The rental agreement and terms supersede any other verbal agreement between Carettarentals and driver-renter.


If the renter would like to keep the vehicle for a larger period than the agreed rental period, he must contact Carettarentals in order to extend the rental agreement, subject to availability.


In case the vehicle is returned with stains that need to be washed biologically (in example coffee spilled on seats, carpet, sand and salt stains, gum and more) the renter will be charged 80 euro. In case of damage due to the renter (for example seat burns) there will be a corresponding charge depending on damage.


a) we offer one of the newest rental vehicle fleets, fully serviced and at the most competitive rates on the market.
b) we offer 24hour road service and 24hour accident care.
c) we offer free road maps and are willing to answer all your questions and help with any issue you may have.
d) we offer a large variety of vehicles which are equipped with modern technology.
e) we replace your vehicle in case of damage that was not caused by your fault.
f) we offer all our clients unlimited kilometers and high quality service


A) free third party and rental vehicle passenger insurance.
B) free road assistance and travel care in case of accident.
C) free unlimited kilometers.
D) fully comprehensive insurance (upon special agreement at the lowest excess possible).
E) free vehicle delivery and collection from preferred area.
F) free, fully updated road map of the island.
G) free child seat.
H) free extra driver.
I) free GPS (upon request and availability).